Conference Day One

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9:00 AM People Bingo

Let’s start the day with an ice-breaker exercise especially designed for the gambling industry. In this informal welcome session, you will have the chance to meet your peers, take part in our version of Bingo and have the chance to win a prize!

·        An overview of the betting and gambling market and the importance of customer experience in the ongoing battle to increase market share

·        How can customer experience be used to achieve brand differentiation in a homogeneous marketplace?

·        What does the ideal experience look like from the perspective of your customers – are speed,simplicity and engagement key?

·        An insight into the gaming market leaders – what do they do differently in a customer experience capacity?

·        The importance of bench marking: how does your business score across multiple categories compared to your competitors?

10:00 AM Developing A Customer Experience Vision Based On Customer Perception And Brand Promise

Leighton Webb , Vice President Marketing, digital entertainment

·        Defining a corporate vision for the customer experience based on customer perception and brand goals

·        Creating an aligned vision for the internal customer experience stakeholders: product development, customer service, web analytics and marketing

·        Carrying out an objective end to end audit of the customer experience to identify shortfalls in customer expectation

·        Gaining a top down perspective of customer experience maturity internally and establishing a structured customer experience model

Leighton Webb
Vice President Marketing digital entertainment

11:20 AM Panel Discussion - Identifying Low Cost Incentives Of High Value To The Customer That Enhance The Customer Experience

Attila Kun , Head of Conversion Management, Novomatic

Phil Klaus , Customer Experience Expert and Visiting Professor, Cranfield School of Management

Apostolos Dousias , Head of Payment Operations, Betsson Group

·        What are the range of low cost incentives that drive customer satisfaction across each segment of your market?

·        What is the difference between the perceived value of the customer experience to the customer compared to the net value to the company?

·        How does incentivisation enable you to maintain control over the delivery of a positive customer experience?

Attila Kun
Head of Conversion Management

Phil Klaus
Customer Experience Expert and Visiting Professor
Cranfield School of Management

Apostolos Dousias
Head of Payment Operations
Betsson Group

12:00 PM GUEST PRESENTATION: Conviction Is Worthless Unless It Is Converted Into Conduct. A Roadmap To Create The Most Profitable Customer Experience (CX) Programmes

Phil Klaus , Customer Experience Expert and Visiting Professor, Cranfield School of Management

CX establisheditself as one of the top priorities on companies’ strategic agendas. It reallydoesn’t matter if we talk about a B2B, B2C, or even C2C context, customers willalways have an experience, good or bad, and it will influence their purchasingbehaviour – significantly. Our longitudinal global research clearly indicatesthat delivering superior experiences is, if not the source of, a sustainablecompetitive advantage. However, while acknowledging CX’s strategic importanceis a step in the right direction, the main challenges go beyondacknowledgement. This session will allow you to:

·        Explorethe crucial importance of CX for your business

·        Gain insight on why CX initiatives fail andsucceed

·        Recognise the relation of CX toprofitability

·        Establish actionable solutions to master thenext big business challenge

·        Benchmark your practices against the mostprofitable ones

·        Enhance your knowledge about why, how,and which CX processes work

·        Avoid the most common CX management mistakes

Phil Klaus
Customer Experience Expert and Visiting Professor
Cranfield School of Management

This is your opportunity to hear about the best-of-breed solutions transforming the gambling customer experience landscape. Here a line-up of the most forward-thinking solution providers will highlight their most cutting-edge products.

Break-OutPeer-to-Peer Discussions

Choose your preferred topic to dive deep in to. Each peer-to-peer round table will be hosted by a discussion leader. After 40 minutes of structured knowledge sharing, groups will return to the main plenary room to report back on the salient points so we all get a snippet of wisdom from each table.


Discussion 1:Improving customer perception to drive customer experience transformationacross the gambling sector

·        Assessing how public perception of the gamblingsector can be changed - what needs to be done?

·        Strategies to positively impact the customerexperience


Discussion 2: Gamblingmobile app development – what works; keeping on top of technologicaladvancements

·        An overview of the latest customer-centric appsimpacting the gambling industry

·        Assimilating app technology across your currentinfrastructure

·        What’s in it for the customer? Strategies toincrease appeal for your target market


Discussion 3:Driving customer engagement and embedding feedback into your customermanagement strategy

·        What does the sector need to do to improvetwo-way communication and act on customer feedback?

·        Strategies to maintain an ongoing dialogue withcustomers at every touch point

·        How to translate engagement into profitable,competitive advantage


Discussion 4: Howto improve alignment across multiple channels while ensuring brand consistency

·        The importance of customer experience alignmentacross diverse channels

·        How to ensure consistency as product complexityintensifies

·        Ensuring brand promise is in line with customerrequirements

3:50 PM Top Mobile And Tablet Gambling Customer Experience Principles For Today’s Customer

Joel Newman , Head of User Experience, Rank Interactive

Geoff Read , CEO, Dab Gaming

·        How sophisticated is your mobile strategy and what do you need to do now?

·        Key customer experience differences and requirements between mobile and tablet gambling

·        Lessons learned, key successes and areas for improvement

·        Defining a core set of principles to achieve customer experience excellence, maximising player lifetime value and revenue generation capabilities

·        What does a differentiated customer experience look like and how can you create a step change in delivery?

Joel Newman
Head of User Experience
Rank Interactive

Geoff Read
Dab Gaming

After a day of industry expertise-sharing and information-gathering, it is time to test your general knowledge! Take part in our informal pub quiz, where in teams, you will be able to show of your factual prowess – or maybe even pick up a few new tit bits of information while networking with your peers.

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